Monday, October 31, 2005

I have run out of ideas to create further posts on my blog. But I am a wannabe writer. I cannot possibly run out of writing ideas in just about 10 month’s time. So lemme see what’s all there that I have written about and what’s all there I can write about.

Things I write about:-

My heart
My loneliness
My Frustration
Fights with Family
The absence of some one to love

My mind
What all I think
What's my take on latest issues.
On women’s empowerment.
On Legalizing Sex Trade
On Freedom
On the funny side of Life the good old days gone by
Exitement of Blogger's Meets

Things I don’t write about

My Heart
My petty crushes…which I keep having even at my age
My secret affairs
Those ups and downs in my secret affairs
Those secret desires
My Secret Admirer
People I curse with those cruel curses every time I am jealous
Sharp edged lines I write when I am infuriated with family

My mind
Which knows where have I failed
Incidents where I was on the wrong side
Politics cause I don’t understand it
Modern Art
Book reviews, both for the same reasons
Fellow bloggers

Not a very long list and there can be more to it… I haven’t been writing things I can write about from my heart because I am not feeling anything off late. Smile or frown, none whatsoever. About things I can write from my mind I am taking too much of time to compose them. But they would soon come up. If only I was a little less lazy.

Not many people are visiting my blog these days. Seems like my 15 minuites of fame has come to an end. Just when I was thinking about it...
Suddenly a vision came to my mind…

A huge open space, thousands of people all around, they all had with them thousands of small frames having pictures of various colors displayed all around. Hundreds and millions of people moving about on their personal tracks, very thin tracks, criss crossing tracks, they are moving about and checking out the pictures on the frames. I too had a frame of mine and soon as I started following my track, million others crossed it, millions came visit the colors on my frame, thousands liked it and hundreds complimented it, and then they started moving about again and the space around me become desolate. My frame still on display and I wait alone with just one hand around my shoulder giving me hope support and assurance “It will be back…hang on”. That hand is yours. Do you know who you are

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My second step

Second step in blogdom. A lot is being said and done about blogs these days. Blogs are now being considered as a stress buster, as a weapon of an opinionated and educated son of the democratic India (so what if he is working for an MNC somewhere in Noida or Gurgaon) blogs are being used as a forum for agitations against the corrupts, corporates use blogs to promote themselves, to instigate rival comments and debates, movies are being promoted, NGOs convey their message through blogs and what not. "A pen was mightier than sword and a key board is mightier than pen".
My blogging started in the beginning of this year when i read an article in Hindustan Times Brunch on Blogging. There was a lots in mind...a lot to talk about, to express, to convey all wanted to come out at a time the result was 'This is my Truth'. I am not a very well read person. I never knew I could write. And I think I actually could never write. Its just that as I started penning, rather typing, whatever I had in mind, words just kept flowing and I had my posts ready. I got inspired by my own writing to write more. I started admiring my own self.

I am not some one who follow the trend but I am also some one who doesn't likes to be left alone (I hate loneliness I still live in with him though) So when everyone around is optimising the various utility of Blogging I thought may be I should too lay downa a piece of my mind. My previous blogs still remains the same old blog about me, myself and I and this space is for what I feel about things and people, events and issues, gizmos and gadgets around me. Also this space would showcase the best from my previous blog.

Monday, October 24, 2005

The VIII th Delhi Bloggers Meet - This is how it went

I was walking alone on the path to nowhere
wanderers kept joining and a caravan was formed...

Rohit , Amit and Navnee t
were the first ones who started walking. Two of them first timers weren't too sure of the DBM standard time. At that time somewhere near South-west delhi, a lady driven car was going a little haywire as she was busy attending calls on her cell phone, "are you coming?" Says Rohit. "Yes yes I am driving wud be there in some 30 min". Mam I am calling from Hutch...Listen I am driving call me later Hello samyukta this is Avikal call me when you reach there. So Avikal joins in. Ankur had reached by that time but was waiting in the main entrance for a more known person so as to curb the uneasiness of walking up to a stranger group and asking them if they were bloggers. Finally Sanjukta reaches. I don't wear a watch so my 30-35 min delay can please be excused...abhi to kaarwan banna baaki hai...Prasoon's joining in, 5 mins thereafter, triggered the hi and hello followed by one of the most significant question for the evening "who decided on the venue". In another 10 minuites Aseem joined. The meet has officially kicked off by now and the discussions went towards "The various Kinds of risk (real, financial...from insurance point of view. what did you guys think?) the latest browsers for netsurfing, the source of the term blog, the various tools available for blogging, the best blog hosts, what's RSS and XML". Avikal and Prasoon had to excuse themselves from the meet because of some other engagements they had. And so they did, but not before Prasoon, who breathes Lata regaled us with "Lag ja gale". He promised us we'd be hearing more of him singing in the future meets. (You did promise right prasoon?) The Meet then moved from Manipur stall to the open stage of Delhi Haat. All these while we were being assured by Harneet, Yogesh and Nikhil that they would join the caravan. Right when a very sensitive issue was about to be discussed, in which we might have required all those weapons kreeti (she wasn't there) was talking about, Harneet, joined in and saved us all. Followed by Yogesh and Nikhil (who came all huffing and puffing trying to find a parking) and was absolutely disappointed with the venue due to the reason of unavailibility of Alcohol. An issue the organisors must pay attention to next time onwards in public Interest. The final ones to join the group was Arun, Sushil and Shalini. A fresh round of discussion started focussing on topics like creative service industry, books publications, changing/emerging/newly acquired role of Blogs etcetera.

Nikhil's agitating mind and heart was calm for a while with the pseudo beer (Fruit Beer) but he again became restless trying to arrange for passess to the Rockoctober Fest. Looking at his plight Amit sacrificed his pass and Nikhil was seen walking out of the meet happilly. But Alas he was restless again in the parking area trying to locate his car...poor guy never got any peace...

Prasoon, hope you'd upload the pics and as you said do send us the links of some of those blog related techno sites.

Navneet, good job.

Avikal, thanks for joining. Hope the group would hear from you.

Thanks everybody for taking out time from your schedule to attend the Meet.

Log saath aate rahenge aur karwaan banta jaayega...This journey would continue, this show will go on, those who couldn't make it out for the IX th Delhi Bloggers Meet.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Where am I these days? Amidst Exitement and Exasperation. Exited about my new role as a Socio-legal Researcher doing research for an USAID funded project. The social activist has taken over the corporate bitch...for some considerable length of time to come i guess...Am Exasperated about my Car's average, crazy drivers on the road, drivers who r in love with the (horns of cars i mean), those who would honk me even if I am driving at 55-60 when the speed limit is 40 (i have heard speed limit for cars on a delhi road is 50 isn't that funny) suddenly the number of a**h***s have increased on Delhi roads, driving 24 kms a day am running out foul words. Furthermore exasperated about the dysfunctional central lock, the broken light, a virus in my computer, an urgent requirement but total absence of a valid passport, running colors of my two Kurtas...the list can go on

Anyways at least there's one good news, the good news is that the Delhi Blogger's October Meet (the VIII th DBM) is happening.

Date: Saturday, 22nd October 2005

Time: 5 pm onwards

Venue: Dilli Haat, Manipur Stall

Agenda: Some meaningful conversation where people speak (not just talk) and listen (not just hear) followed by couple of silly jokes, some bursting into laughter with or without reason and lots of momos...

Participants: Anyone and everyone who stays in and around of delhi, or can make it to Delhi on that day, owns a blog, reads blogs or is interested in creating or reading blogs. Interestingly, you are welcome even if you hate blogs...

Please ensure participation at the largest possible number...spread the news amongst your friends, post message on your respective about it in ur workplace...etc.