Tuesday, December 27, 2005

From the archives

This post is from the past..., feel it was a good para I worte so am just re posting it...

‘This is my truth’ was the theme of my blog. I started it coz there were, and still are, these times when I want to talk a lot about my life but no one to listen to...I thought I would share the bizarre truth of my life, which I think are stranger than fictions, but then where is the truth? What is my truth? What more is it than another sappy old story of love lost and heart break. Who doesn't have these stories and then what the hell do I know about other's story that I go about thinking my story is strange. Truth.

Truth is I don't have a story.
Just some scattered scribbled sheets.
‘Is the glass half empty or half full’ they ask.
Truth is there is no glass,
just a heap of crackled earthen pots,
scattered petals,
twisted pencil skins,
few old photographs,
few old wrapping papers,
few old crumpled movie tickets
with the name of the movie goers
written on the back of it by me,
some office vouchers,
certain visions when i close my eyes,
certain sounds I suddenly hear,
certain smell I suddenly find familiar,
some broken dreams, some sleepless nights,
some premeditated coincidences,
some long phone calls
and the subsequent phone bills…
all passing by.

The train is moving fast. But I wish it was moving faster and faster and faster. So that all the bits and pieces of my eventful life passes by in such lightening speed that I don’t even have the time to recollect them and frame in my blog.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ryze Mixer

Glad I went ahead for the Ryze Mixer. It was fun meeting everybody. Am looking forward to more such meets. The drive back home was an amazing experience. The road all thorough had a terrible fog but was thickest on the new flyover connecting Dwarka and the Dhaula Kuan Crossing. The minuite I took this road I felt like I have come to a nowhere. I couldn't even see the bonnet of my car. You won't believe it untill you have seen it. It was blinding. Scary and exiting. I couldn't help taking a couple of pics while driving. Wanted to pull over but that was too risky at 10.30 in the night. The scene was amazing.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy days and Merry times are here again, bringing along that same feel of solititude and melancholy. I hate this. Last time it was Diwali and before that Dussherah. Everytime these festivals are here people around me would ask me questions I don't like to answer. "What's your christmas plan, what's New Year plan?" 'Nothing'. I have to answer. To make it sound like more of a choice and less of a pathetic helplessness, to avoid all sort of sympathy, I came out with my own theory onf why we need not celebrate a festival I told people with a desperate refusal to be vulnerable to pain, "I don't celebrate a festival, I celebrate a cause...My celebration is not restricted to the Calander."

Christmas is here, I have 3 days of holidays, I could have made a weekend trip to somewhere nearby, but I need atleast 1 company. But I never find a company for doing the things I want to do...Last I walked alone was in the John Primer show. Before that it was the Hutch Delhi Run. Heard from somewhere that there is an offline meet, a Christmas bash of Ryze members. Ya I am a member of Ryze, I am a member of all such networks for 'seeking someone, whether desperately or not, singles'. Ok I know Ryze is a business Network and not a dating club, So? Tell me which single is not seeking someone... So last night I decided to go for the meet. And ever since I have decided my own line is coming back to haunt my mind again and again..."I was less lonely when I was alone." Why am I going there? Just to reaffirm my emptyness? Why do I like doing this to myself? I can sit at home and read something. I can finish the unfinished posts. Is it going to make me feel any better to go there alone and come back alone.

Loneliness Actually sucks...if you are reading it, just agreet with it. Don't leave a comment saying it doesn't sucks...

And Kreeti if you reading this don't think I am being a loner here and trying to sulk, I am not. I am going there alright, and be rest assured I would be wearing the flashiest smile on my face and the brightest spark in my eyes...
The two never spoke
The silence never broke
but they fell in love...

these lines just came to mind yesterday...

When two people with great flair for writing have their way at romance, what you have is excellent 'reads'. The exchange of letters between Elizabeth Barret Browning and Robert Browning are one of the best piece of writing...The story of the Browning couple is so fascinating too, in yer youth she sufferred from some disease and was bed ridden. She reached out to the world only through her poems. Robert Browning, 6 years younger to her, fell in love with her reading her poems...For years together they didn't meet and the love affair happened only through exchange of love letters... Finally she eloped and married Robert.

I have already put an example of couple of exchange of mails that I have had, which made a good read . Here is more...

The ever so wild and crazy, the ever so passionate and weird, wish I could I have an
adventour with you, you could be my greatest challenge...

He:- (Original lines sent to me via sms)
What you call an adventour
is nothing more than a nightmare
Thats why I tell all the nightingales
not to fly towards the brigh glares

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Its been long...have got a lot to write from my past, a lot of interesting stories couple of them are lying in the draft stage...would be out soon.

Meanwhile this is how the Delhi bloggers Meet go...read about it and please leave a comment.


I am happy these days...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Results of utter boredom...thank God I got a camera wala cell

random thoughts

How we keep hearing this term "True Love". I say, love is never true or false. The people involved might be, the circumstances might be but love in itself is like God. Not true not false, not black not white...colorless, shapeless, ageless, timeless...Love is just love. It gives you the same feeling even if it is offered by the person who is not true. Its like when you think the other person loves you, you might be wrong, may be the person lied to you, may be the person is two timing, but till that time you find the truth out, what you feel in your heart is LOVE. There's no truth or false about it.

If hearts were blogs and if you link your blog to a woman's blog, and if you keep visiting her blog everyday and keep leaving sweet comments there, eventually she would link her blog to your blog, she would no matter how dumb your blog is....Its automatic

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Delhi Blogger's December Meet - IX th DBM

The Perfect season for an outdoor activity. The perfect sun for a photo shoot and the perfect timing for a Cricket match. We decided to have a DBM with a difference this time. So here is the plan. Date 18th December, Sunday

Suggestions and improvements are always welcome and appreciated.

So we meet up at Humayuns tomb at 11am that gives us ample opportunity to bask in the winter sun. After the initial round of introductions (we have nothing against squares,triangles and other assorted geometric figures) we shall proccede to our photography show/tell/teach thingy ahich will be (hopefully) followed by a cricket/football match....this match can also act as a photo subject for some who are more inclined to photography and do not want to dirty thier clothes with cricket/shriket...football/shhotball.

ah...the games will be followd by lunch....which we can all go and eat at some joint or we can order takeaways and have a picnic in the sun......!!!

with time and consensus some gaana bajaana will be appreciated....loads of fun expected...but only if you are there.

oh and you need not be a blogger to be there (MSM spys are welcome too.....we are armed this time...lol) so you can bring along your freinds, brothers,sisters,aunties,uncles ....whatever....be there!!

Original invitation mail posted by Pradster on Delhi Blogger's Yahoo Group mailing list. However the invitation is open to all. So if you are you are some one who writes a blog, reads a blog, wishes to do so in future and has been doing so in the past...and if you are in Delhi on 18th Please Join us.

Don't worry about meeting a bunch of strangers...none of us bite... :P You'll have a good time PROMISE


Twilight Fairy
Delhi Bloggers

Sunday, December 11, 2005

We all have heard the song "I'd do anything for love" by Meatloaf. I found this hilarious letter to Mr. Meatloaf.
An open letter to Meatloaf:
Dear Mr Loaf,
In your hit single I Would Do Anything For Love, you claim, "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that". [My italics.] A willingness to do anything for love, sir, implies a readiness to pursue literally any course of action that might be of benefit to love, up to and including "that". If you persist in attaching limits and conditions to what you are prepared to do for love, you should amend your lyrics to reflect this, and make your position clear to a confused public.

"Whilst I am prepared to go to not inconsiderable lengths for love, I feel I must draw the line at that," would better describe your state of mind, given the current qualified nature of your commitment to love.

Yours sincerely,

Harry Hutton.
Read the Original here.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Finally my pic on the blog... some of the child hood pics. I have re taken the printed pics then with my webcam, just wanted to put them here, couldn't wait to get them scanned. Sorry bout the quality would scan them and update this space. The present day image is coming soon...

Don't they both look stunning

Passport size photo for school admission in delhi, was 8 plus

On my Tenth Birthday...
One of my few beutiful pics, with ma and masi, was 7/8

:) Sanju Boss in the making...

Not sure which year/month

I guess, was 3. Fancy Dress competition
haven't spoken to D for long and nor do I want to...

S2 and K may end up owing their marriage (ok I know I am acting crazy) to me...just like S3+P, M+S4, M2+M3 did... God Bless all of you couples.

Got my look changed, spent couple of hours and some freaking money in the parlour today...sometimes material things makes you happy.

Some girl said to this guy, and this guy came and told me that the girl told him that I am always looking for dates...as in am always chasing men. I don't know this girl at all except that she happens to be a friend of another of my friend and my friend keeps talking to her bout me...and my friend tells me she is very fond of me, but from what this guy tells me about what she told him about me, it seems she is NOT very fond of me, She also leaves nice comments on my blog and she also the other day added me on yahoo messenger [PERIOD] now which of these Fucking people to be believed [PERIOD] and from where do people get this Idea...I do all that I can to resist a man...

was looking at some of my child hood pics...I used to be cute


Wish S falls in love with me...Don't know him that well, except that he is this macho guy with a golden heart and great smile but I like him. Given the dreamer I am, might even say 'yes' if it happens hoping the rest would simply follow... There was this one time, he had called and I said "S I think you forgot your shoes there." he said, "No I haven't. I got my shoes with me but I have forgot my heart over there." I quickly responded, "aha tell me with who?" But he just laughed it away. I wanna write more about S here, but am afraid he might find out.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Can someone please tell me where can I find some hope? Yes I have looked within me...couldn't find it there..life is so stuck, professionally, personally, am trying to stay positive but its getting harder and harder... badly need some hope...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Its Sunday 10 pm and I am about to go to catch some sleep, an occassion so very rare that I actually have to blog about (i mean am wishing to blog about it but can't cause am too tired for creating a post) Mostly on any given day I am awake till 1 am. This weekend was so exeptionally tiring.

A minor heart ache
A small accident
a heated argument,
lots of police
Claims Tribunal...

All Coming up...

As soon as I gain some energy.