Thursday, July 14, 2005

Feelings Yesterday:-

If I knew that was the last time, I would have at least hugged him closer and longer"
The search has come to an end not becoz she found the post but becoz She has let the baloon go off her hand...and its so much better now.
No more questions no answers, no hopes no expectations...
Am I dressed properly
am I giving out the right message
Was I able to leave an impression
Is he going to call
should I call him
Does he likes me
Are we ever gonna meet again

Fly Fly my soul...

Feelings Today:-

It was a rain not many in delhi are gonna forget in little time to come. I left my Nehruplace office at 8.50pm. It was pouring like hundrends of showers in a bollywood set would pour when the white saree tries to seduce a white shirt "tip tip barsa pani..." I hate carrying umbrella but the guard lent me one. A big black grandpa umbrella. I walked upto the busstop to get an auto. At this point I was missing the presence of a wiper on my specs. luckily found an auto soon "bhayai R.K. Puram". "R.K. Puram mein kahan""Sector-4" bhayia's chin and eyes then rolled in a semi circular shape madam 50 rupaye...itni baarish hai, gaadi ki halat kharab jo jati hai...Chalo chalo bhaiya. I am onboard.

These days they have blurring music on autos. his music was loud bot not was some unknown asha kishore song suddenly a sharmila tagore clad in pink shiffon saree with big white flower prints on it danced along a rajesh khanna in my mind. And Suddenly I felt good about everything around me. The big and small cars crossed by splashing water all over me (almost) but it didn't irritate me. The darkness of the night suddenly seemed to be so colourful to me. The billions of thin water blades falling at 60% shining in the street lights made it so beatiful. I have always heard rains make you long for someone, makes you nostalgic but today's rain was so beautiful it gave me joy. I smiled. And when I was paying him that 50 bucks, i said i'd pay rather unwillingly, I wanted to tell the autowala "bhaiyai thanks for a great ride. I enjoyed it" I did not though.